Ions That Have Been Stored in the Ring

The following ions have been stored in the ring, most of them have also been accelerated, and some decelerated. All but a few have been used for physics experiments.

Singly charged positive atomic ions:
H+, D+, 3He+, 4He+, 7Li+, 9Be+, 11B+, 12C+, 14N+, 16O+, 40Ar+, 40Ca+, 45Sc+, 48Ti+, 56Fe+, 83Kr+, 84Kr+, 86Kr+, 88Sr+, 129Xe+, 131Xe+, 132Xe+, 138Ba+, 139La+, 142Nd+, 151Eu+, 197Au+, 208Pb+

Multiply charged atomic ions:
4He2+, 11B2+, 12C2+, 12C3+, 12C4+, 12C6+, 14N2+, 14N3+, 14N4+, 14N7+, 16O2+, 16O3+, 16O4+, 16O5+, 16O8+, 19F5+, 19F6+, 19F9+, 20Ne2+, 20Ne5+, 20Ne6+, 20Ne7+, 20Ne10+, 28Si3+, 28Si11+, 28Si14+, 32S5+, 36Ar9+, 36Ar10+, 36Ar12+, 36Ar13+, 40Ar7+, 40Ar9+, 40Ar11+, 40Ar13+, 40Ar15+, 48Ti11+, 58Ni17+, 58Ni18+, 84Kr33+, 126Xe36+, 129Xe36+, 129Xe37+, 136Xe39+, 136Xe44+, 207Pb53+, 208Pb53+, 208Pb54+, 208Pb55+

Positive molecular ions:
H2+, HD+, H3+, D2+, H2D+, 3HeH+, 3HeD+, 4HeH+, D3+, He2+, LiH2+, D5+, BH2+, CH2+, CH3+, CH4+, NH2+, OH+, CH5+, NH4+, H2O+, H3O+, HF+, ND3H+, CD5+, ND4+, D3O+, C2H+, CN+, C2H2+, HCN+, C2H3+, HCNH+, C2H4+, CO+, N2+, N22+, 13CO+, N2H+, C2H5+, H13CO+, NO+, D13CO+, CH3O+, CF+, O2+, CH3NH3+, CH3OH+, CH3OH2+, H2O2+, H2S+, CD3O+, PD2+, N2H7+, D232S+, CD3OH2+, CD3OD+, H5O2+, D234S+, D332S+, CD3OD2+, 13CD3OD2+, D334S+, C3H4+, D237Cl+, D5O2+, CH3CNH+, C3D3+, N2D7+, N3+, C3H7+, NaD2O+, CH3CHO+, CO2+, HCS+, C2H5O+, DN2O+, C2H5OH+, CO2D+, C2H5OH2+, CD3CDO+, NO+H2O, O3+, DCOOD2+, CD3OCD2+, C3D7+, CF2+, NO+D2O, DC3N+, CD3OCD3+, N3H10+, DC3ND+, CD3ODCD3+, H7O3+, COS+, N2O2+, CH3OCOH2+, D7O3+, N3D10+, C4D9+, S18O2+, ArN2+, H9O4+, CD3COHNHCH3+, CD3CONHDCH3+, C6D6+, PO37Cl+, C6D7+, H11O5+, C2S2H6+, C2S2H7+, H13O6+, PO35Cl2+

Negative atomic ions:
H-, Li-, F-, Si-, S-, Cl-, Se-, Te-

Negative molecular ions:
CN-, C4-, Si2- Cl2-

Range of energies per nucleon: 38 eV/u 92 MeV/u

Range of total energies: 5 keV 1.4 GeV